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News and Events


The Sefer Center Expedition in Rostov-on-Don


From June 15th to 23rd, 2024, an expedition organized by the Sefer Center and the Slavic-Judaic Center of the Institute of Slavic Studies will take place in Rostov-on-Don, focusing on researching the memory of the Holocaust and Jewish ethnography.
This year, there is a special focus on recording the memories of those who experienced the Holocaust and World War II as children or adolescents, including stories of the lives of Jews in occupied territories, during evacuation, and on the labor front.

This expedition is a continuation of our seminars on interviewing and Holocaust databases. This year, there was no open competition, as the selection of participants was made from the most active and prepared participants of face-to-face and online meetings, some of whom are volunteers at our center.

Accompanying us are students from the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), who were inspired by the seminar topic and have devised their own project, "Configuring Holocaust Memory: A Case Study of Intergenerational Dialogue in the Jewish Community of Rostov-on-Don," which is being implemented with the support of the "Scientific Initiative" competition by the Center for Student Academic Development at HSE.

Stay tuned for updates on the expedition!

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