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Visiting lectures program

Dear Colleagues!

we are pleased to offer you the program of our Lectures Service.

Please note the changes in the program's operating conditions, see below.

The Sefer Center organizes visiting lectures: leading experts in the field of Jewish Studies, teachers, postgraduates and graduates of Jewish universities are being delegated to deliver lectures in various educational institutions in the CIS and Baltic countries, as well as in Jewish communities, Jewish schools, educational institutions, and lecture halls.

Lecture tours are organized based on requests from local universities and communities. The application should specify which lectures are desirable, what is the audience composition, the number of listeners, and the preferred number and time of lectures.

The Sefer center selects lecturers on various topics.

It is the responsibility of the inviting party to pay lecturer's honoraria, provide accommodation and travel expenses for the lecturer (in cases where it is a course of lectures), and issue the lecturer a certificate (on a letterhead, signed and stamped) on the lectures provided (number, topic, number of participants).

Interested organizations are invited to apply for lectures via Sefer Center e-mail.

Applications are accepted basing on the financial capacity of the Center and the schedule of lecturers.

The list of speakers and suggested topics of lectures is given below. If you don't find the topic you are interested in, please let us know and we will find a suitable lecturer.



October 19, 2019 Svetlana Amosova gave a lecture "how to use materials on oral family history in the Museum space" in Izhevsk public Jewish charity Fund "Hesed Ariel" of the Udmurt Republic.

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September 23-24, 2019 Anatoly Vorobyov gave 4 lectures on " Jews in modern Russia (antiquity and the middle ages)" for Kostroma and Yaroslavl Jewish communities.


On October 20, 2019, Maria Kaspina gave 2 lectures "do you Believe in the power of amulets? Magic and demonology in Judaism" and "Jewish autumn holidays" in Tallinn for the Jewish community of Estonia.

Kofkin Library Lounge Maria Kaspina-4.jpg Kofkin Library Lounge Maria Kaspina-2.jpg

October 25, 2019 Tatiana Khizhaya delivered 1 lecture "Russian people of the mosaic law: a unique phenomenon of religious history" at the State pedagogical University in Chisinau.


On March 3, 2019, Maxim Gammal gave a lecture on " Jews and the scientific revolution science and social success " at the Yaroslavl City Jewish Religious Organization "Lights of Yitzhak".Also, at the Yaroslavl City Jewish Religious Organization "Lights of Yitzhak".on May 19, Dmitry Maryasis gave a lecture "We were born to make a fairy tale come true. Prerequisites for the creation of the state of Israel".

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On April 17, 2019, Alexandra Polyan held an open lecture " Hebrew and Yiddish: who and when spoke and wrote in these languages? "and a master class" Acquaintance with modern Hebrew "in Tyumen during the II educational school Of the Institute of social and humanitarian Sciences of Tyumen University "the Gift of writing: the Indo-European world and beyond".



On February 3, 2019, Maxim Gammal gave a lecture " Introduction to the problems of the history of the Jews of Eastern Europe "at the Yaroslavl City Jewish Religious Organization"Lights of Yitzhak". The lecture was attended by 28 people.


On December 15-16, 2018, Maria Kaspina delivered two lectures ("Jewish amulets", "Traditional ornaments of the Jewish home") at the Saratov regional Jewish charity Center "Hasdei Yerushalayim ". The lectures were attended by 61 people

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On December 15-16, at the same Center Lydia Tchaikovsky gave lectures ("Music in the Bible", "Jerusalem-the symbolic reality of the city"). 65 people attended the lectures.


On November 15, Kazan Federal University hosted lectures by Dr. Yoel Regev on"Biblical schizo-analysis of Anti-Oedipus and the structure of thePentateuch"and"Blood and milk: materialistic Kabbalah and radicalt-Jing". The lectures were public and attended by 115 people.