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Eugene Weiner Grant

Professor Eugene Weiner Grant

Rabbi and Professor Eugene Weiner was a brilliant person with a bright destiny. Born in America into a family of Eastern Europe emigrants (from Ukraine and Vilna), he grew up in New York and Miami Beach, graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTSA) and Columbia University. In 1969 along with his family, his wife Anita and two young sons Daniel and David, Eugene Weiner made aliya, served for 18 years in the Israel Defense Forces where he got the rank of captain. He was a professor of sociology at the University of Haifa, where the students for several years awarded him the title of the best teacher, published scholarly works, including several co-authored by his wife Anita. Eugene did a lot for the development of Jewish studies in the former Soviet Union, where he worked for several years (1996-1999) as head of special projects of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) in Moscow. He has provided many-sided support to academic programs in Jewish Studies, was a member of the International Council of Sefer Center.
All those years Anita Weiner lived and worked in Moscow side by side with her husband (she wrote the book, “Regeneration: the reunification of Soviet Jewry with Jewish people. The Decennary of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in the former Soviet Union. 1988-1998”.
After the untimely death of Professor Wiener his colleagues in cooperation with Sefer Center issued a collected volume dedicated to his memory, made up of his own works, recollections about him and articles of researchers from Israel, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
His widow Dr. Anita Wiener established a Grant named after her late husband, called to continue his endeavors, to promote research, scientific and teaching activities in the field of Jewish Studies in the CIS and the Baltic states.
This grant is awarded each year at Sefer international conferences, the recent years recipients were:
2005 - Alexander Vladimirov (Moscow), Tatiana Percent (Kiev).
2006 - Alexander Lokshin (Moscow), Ilya Barkussky (Moscow).
2007 - Rashid Kaplanov (Moscow), Catherine Cybulski (Kiev).
2008 - Michael Vogman (Moscow), Olesya Shaidukov (St. Petersburg).
2009 - Alexander Besarov (Chernivtsi), Tamara Zhuk (Kiev), Yuri Korogodsky (Kiev), Vladimir Lyubchenko (Kiev), Olga Minkina (St. Petersburg), Igor Muratov (Minsk), Igor Turov (Kiev), Ilya Yablokov (Tomsk ).
2010 - Lilia Kalmina (Ulan-Ude), Svetlana Koloda (Gorlovka) Alexandra Polyan (Moscow).
2011 - Elena Nosenko-Stein (Moscow), Maxim Gammal (Moscow).
2012 -Konstantin Bondar (Kharkiv),Jurgita Verbitskene (Vilnius),Galina Sinilo(Minsk),Polina Skorodumova (Moscow),Inna Sorkina(Grodno).
2013 -Yulia Kondrakova (Moscow),Yakov Eidelkind (Moscow).
2014 -Natalia Kireeva(Moscow),Alina Lisitsyna(Moscow).
2015 -Efim Melamed (Kiev), Victor Kelner (Saint-Petersburg), Alexander Ivanov (Saint-Petersburg).
2016 - Galina Zelenina (Moscow), Valentina Fedchenko (Saint-Petersburg), Alexey Lyavdansky (Moscow).
2017 -Sergey Tishchenko (Moscow), Hektoras Vitkus (Klaidepa).
2018 - Maria Kaspina (Moscow), Ilya Lensky (Riga), Andrew Shpirt (Moscow).
2019- Victoria Gerasimova (Omsk), Ekaterina Norkina (St. Petersburg) , Svetlana Pogodina (Riga)

Photos of Eugene Wiener Grant awardings and the laureates are in an open access at our Photo Gallery.

Sefer Center expresses the gratitude to Anita Wiener for this valuable support for research and university teaching in the field of Jewish Studies.
Eugene Weiner Grant Laureates 2019

Victoria Gerasimova (Omsk) Ekaterina Norkina (St. Petersburg) Svetlana Pogodina (Riga)


Eugene Weiner Grant Laureates 2018

Maria Kaspina

Ilya Lensky

IMG-7343.jpg IMG-7346.jpg

Andrew Shpirt


Eugene Wiener Grant Laureates 2017
Sergey Tishchenko
Hektoras Vitkus

Eugene Wiener Grant Laureates 2016
Galina Zelenina (Moscow)Alexey Lyavdansky (Moscow)Valentina Fedchenko (Saint-Petersburg)
Eugene Wiener Grant Laureates2015
Efim Melamed (Kiev), Victor Kelner (Saint-Petersburg), Alexander Ivanov (Saint-Petersburg)

Eugene Weiner Grant Laureates2014
Natalia Kireeva
Alina Lisitsyna

Eugene Weiner Grant Laureates 2013
Yulia Kondrakova (Moscow)Yakov Eidelkind (Moscow)

Eugene Weiner Grant Laureates 2012

Konstantin Bondar (Kharkiv)Jurgita Verbitskene (Vilnius) Galina Sinilo
Polina Skorodumova (Moscow) Inna Sorkina